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New Article -ARC Opening Night Triumph

December 11, 2015

Opening Night at the MEAM: Line to Get In
"It was a Friday night. The museum was hopping. It felt like it was the number one night club of Barcelona by the time the award ceremonies commenced at the official opening of the exhibition this past November 20th. This elegant museum, the renovated 18th Castle Gomis, was converted into a museum by the founder and director of the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), José Manuel Infiesta, who is also a famous architect with 300 buildings to his credit. The museum is a glorious building in which to display the art. Located in the fashionable Old Town District of El Borne, in Barcelona, just a few steps away from the Picasso Museum, (whose attendance was empty in comparison) in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the location could not be better. An estimated 1,500 to 2,000 attended the official opening. The rooms were so crowded at one point, that if you were an art lover, you had some trouble seeing the paintings and it felt like you were at the cocktail party of the season. However, if you listened to what was being said, everyone was talking about the art; this new and revolutionary movement of Contemporary Realism that is taking the art world by storm. These contemporary depictions of our shared humanity executed with an uncompromisingly high level of skill, combined with ground breaking subject matter and composition, is evidence of a major shift taking place in the art world. People are responsive and falling in love once again with realism, a very contemporary realism. These are paintings that could only be painted now, and the "newness" of seeing so many contemporary works painted realistically, by modern artists, had a surprising and inspiring impact on the crowd. The rooms were electric with energy; the place sizzled."

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