A Letter to ARC

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A Letter to ARC

November 12, 2007

I recently found your site and I really am very moved by it.

I go to school of visual arts in Manhattan and I am in my third year studying illustration.

I definitely find it very funny because a lot of my teachers say students should steal from this artist and steal from that artist. I always find it weird and then the Chair of Illustration: I was talking to him about the body's exhibitions and he says that its sick and that you can find out about anatomy from looking at photos. I definitely would like to meet some people with the Art Renewal Center before I leave SVA but I definitely think I want to leave I really enjoyed listening to this speech by Fred Ross http://audio.artrenewal.org/FredRoss060520.mp3 and I definitely agree that good art takes patience and understanding of humanity and not just looking at a photo and then moving on.

My uncle does photo realistic art here is his website www.maxferguson.com.

Please email me back.

Thanks so much,
Scott Ferguson