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New ARC Associate Living Master™

January 7, 2013

We would like to welcome John Pototschnik to the Art Renewal Center's Artist and Living Master's Gallery™.
Many may remember his work from the recent 2011/2012 International ARC Salon, where he won third place in the landscape category for his painting of "Winter's Dance".
About his work, Pototschnik has said the following "My artistic influences are diverse. They range from the Barbizon painters of Corot, Daubigny and Millet, to the American tonalist, George Inness. It is my belief that all I need to know of the principles of art are to be found in the works of the Masters. My paintings are not flamboyant, not mysterious, not trendy, nor are they shocking. I am interested in depicting the truth about life, as I see it, in a naturalistic way - free of frills and bravado. I enjoy painting simple, common, everyday life and objects as things of beauty and worth. Through continued hard work, I strive to show the dignity and value of the subjects I paint. I hope to give to society paintings that transcend the culture and its ever changing tastes...paintings that speak to the heart."

To view his new gallery on ARC click here.

Pototschnik is also in the middle of teaching a three part series titled “Training the 21st Century Artist”. The series features the works of ARC Living Master's™ , Michael John Angel, Juliette Aristides, and David Hardy, with special interviews. This series is available to the public at the following links:

Click to view Part I

Click to view Part II

Part III will be published shortly.