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August 17, 2012

Learn more about the winners of the 2011/2012 ARC Salon and their award winning works:

Excerpt below is about the Bouguereau Award Winner, David Gluck's, The Trapper.

This work mixes a Rembrandtesque color pallet and intense gaze with a sensitive suspense that is unique. The viewer has stumbled across a hunter who is sneaking about to set a trap for his intended prey.

The shotgun shells sticking out of his breast pocket and a trap in hand give the work a sinister feel. Yet the sinister quality is softened by a gentle touch, most likely communicated through the delicate choice in hand positioning, which instills this hardened man with a poetic flare.
Speaking of the inspiration for the painting, Gluck said: “When I knew him [the model], he didn’t have a job or a real home of his own, but he kept himself extremely busy collecting scrap metal. He was a modern-day forager.

At this time, too, I was rediscovering the Russian schools, and my new love for this type of art and my new acquaintance combined to create this painting. Here Brian is depicted as an early settler-trapper, a grizzled breed of man that lived with few material comforts and braved the harsh winters to seek a living from the woods.”
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