William Bouguereau Catalog Raisonne Update

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William Bouguereau Catalog Raisonne Update

October 17, 2008

On Behalf of the Committee to Write the Catalog Raisonne on William Bouguereau 1825-1905:
We are proud to announce that we now have the complete translation of the Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonne. As of January 1st, 2009, we will be working with the publisher on the final layout of the images and the final editing of the William Bouguereau Catalog Raissone. We are told that from the time this occurs to the time of actual publication is 4 months. We therefore are now projecting the publication of the catalogue raisonne to be April / May of 2009*. The next update will include the actual release date of the book.

Nymphes et Satyre
by William Bouguereau

The William Bouguereau Catalog Raisonne which is due to be jointly published by Art Renewal Center® and the Antique Collectors Club, includes information on all of William Bouguereau's 826 known paintings, as well as the entire 600 page biography written by Damien Bartoli, along with an introduction by Fred Ross, ARC Chairman and President of the Bouguereau Committee.

Here are merely a few of the outstanding features of this publication:

  • An anticipated 250 to 300 color images, 50 at least of which will be full page

  • Approximately another 400+ images in black & white

  • There will also be a further 100 paintings (not reproduced) for which we have descriptions from the master's records
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