Ted Seth Jacobs Portrait Intensive at BACAA

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Ted Seth Jacobs Portrait Intensive at BACAA

September 29, 2008

ARC Master, Ted Seth Jacobs is leading a
Three Month Intensive Portrait Program at the
Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier in Belmont California
November 10, 2008-February 13, 2009

Three-month intensive portrait painting program:
The Uniqueness of the human Individual

Ted Seth Jacobs, specialist on Light and Structure~
Likeness depends upon accurate drawing. The basis of drawing is seeing the exact special shape of everything. Making the head look human requires an understanding of organic structure, from the largest underlying masses to the smallest surface forms. It is necessary to paint a likeness of every structure.

You will learn to create form through the actions of light. Gradations must be shaped, according to the light direction and the shape of each form. Each individual subject's features are generated from a matrix proportional ratio. This will be an intensive session, loaded with information. The great portrait tradition is based on non-photographic human interactions. One human being interpreted by another!
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by Ted Seth Jacobs