ARC Museum Crosses a Milestone

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ARC Museum Crosses a Milestone

September 8, 2008

The ARC Museum database has crossed a milestone: With 65,536 images our database is now full and is being reconfigured to allow integers up to 4,000,000. That's a lot of images!

The ARC Museum was created as an educational and artists resource.
As the visitor rate for the ARC Museum continues to grow, and we expand our scope of artists and artworks, ARC has become the first and last stop for a sound knowledge of the great artists of humanistic realism throughout art history.

The Foundation for the Art Renewal Center, a 501(c)3) is a private, not-for-profit educational foundation, a charity founded in 1999 to present responsible opposing views to the modernist art establishment. The ARC website, has become internationally famous as a hub for artists, educators, gallery owners, curators and art lovers and a huge educational resource.

ARC supports traditional realism and technical mastery in the visual arts. The ARC Atelier Section and Map allows aspiring artists and art students the opportunity to select a true classical atelier which has achieved ARC approval. Each Atelier has it's own section with detailed information about the schools listed as ARC Approved™. The Living Masters™ Gallery provides exposure to contemporary realists with masterly skills and shows us that there are those dedicated to the realistic traditions who are fast at work in the 21st century.