2007 4th ARC Salon Catalogues Available

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2007 4th ARC Salon Catalogues Available

August 8, 2008

2007 ARC Salon Catalogues have been published and are now available.
The ARC Salon Catalogues, with their beautiful color reproductions of the ARC International Salon Winners, are eagerly awaited for each year and treasured as collections of today's masters.

The 4th Annual ARC Salon proved a difficulty for our judges as the quality was so impressive that their decisions extended weeks past the deadline. The judges decided to include 150 finalists instead of the usual 100, as it was impossible to eliminate any more items, when those remaining were of such high quality.
All 150 finalists are represented in this year's catalogue.
ARC Chairman, Fred Ross' Keynote Address to the Oil Painters of America, applauded as a definitive analysis of 19th century art history, is included in its entirety.

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ARC Salon Catalogues make great gifts: Let your friends and colleagues know that masterworks are being created in the 21st Century.