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Art Student and Scholarship Recipient Writes

August 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Ross,

You gave an excellent speech last night, thank you! Even though I was near the back I could still hear you, so don't worry. I hope you will post your speech on the ARC website so more can see the association between the 19th century themes on the importance of art depicting all of humanity, not just the well-off, and how this was shown last night in the midst of a confused art world. It was shown in a respectful, tasteful manner, with integrity and purpose. I hope to see much more of this type of compassion and human connection in the work that follows these artist, from those of us who are still emerging with ideas and messages of truth.

We met last night after the panel discussion, I introduced myself and thanked you for the scholarship. I was a pleasure to be able to do that in person, and I want to relay to you how huge that was for me- being able to take these workshops at the GCA has done wonders to round out my Angel Academy education. Without this money, I would never have even considered the possibility of continuing my studies due to the expenses, it's simply not possible.

John Angel made a suggestion for the use of the leftover scholarship money, and so I wanted to ask you personally if it could help pay for a painting of mine that was returned from Florence this past week. It cost me over $500 in shipping. I know that this money is given in order to help finance the studies of those unable to afford it, and this would greatly help me have one less worry.

Thank you again- your endeavors are becoming so strong, with a current flowing with and behind you. Because of this, I have so much hope for the future of art and my personal addition to this human community. Thank you.

Christina Grace Mastrangelo

Christina Grace Mastrangelo
Fine Artist & Teacher