Historic Downtown Manassas Banner Art Competition

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Historic Downtown Manassas Banner Art Competition

Published on April 1, 2021

Congratulations to ARC Associate Living Master Debra Keirce for winning first and third place in the Manassas Banner Art Competition.

The City of Manassas hangs banners on all the light poles in the historic downtown section. This year the banners will be directly from the work of artists. Each one different and unique.

The winning 70+ pieces of art work are printed on individual street banners and on display in Historic Downtown Manassas, starting in the spring through fall of 2021. Along with this, a walking brochure will be produced with a photo of each image, title, artist name and short paragraph description.

The banners will be hung in historic downtown Manassas, Virginia from April 1 - through autumn of 2021.

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