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Los Angeles, California, United States

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Painter and portraitist, Adrian Gottlieb, offers instruction in painting methods developed from the Renaissance through the early 20th century with a particular emphasis on Gottlieb's ongoing research and experimentation with 16th and 17th century painting techniques. Gottlieb shares his working studio with a select group of 9 students who wish to pursue introductory through advanced painting methods and techniques.

While the concentrated focus of this course is on painting techniques and specifically Painting the Figure in Oils, the importance of developing strong drawing skills is stressed. As an artist trained in the atelier tradition, Gottlieb'­s program centers on sight-size as well as analytical drawing, gesture and perspective - all as the foundation for figure and portrait painting.

Painting the Figure in Oil is not an introductory drawing program; therefore, Adrian prefers that applicants possess a level of drawing proficiency that assures they are ready to study beginning painting through advanced and professional level painting techniques and methods. Intermediate level and advanced level painters are very welcome since the program is designed in the apprenticeship style - each participant, works at their own level of achievement and advances from that point onward. Students advance by way of systematic progression working at individual speeds as they accomplish and build on techniques and methods.

Students work under north-facing natural light from skylights in a 1500 sq. foot studio space. 5500k fluorescent tubes with wide reflector hoods provide supplemental lighting as necessary. Long-poses are essential to the accomplishment of fully finished paintings; therefore, models. return each week to pose in the same position (conforming to the original pose in every detail) for the full ten sessions. Techniques include but are not limited to alla prima, wet in wet, glazing, and scumbling with a goal of achieving luminosity and capturing the illusion of the essence of life.

Course offerings include intensive, interactive workshops: The MECHANICS OF PAINTING, covering the tools of the painter, archival materials preparation from preparing canvas grounds to pigment grinding, cleaning oils, preparing mediums, varnishes, and exploration of Italian and Dutch methods developed during the Renaissance and Baroque. These methods have been translated from historic texts as well as from the forefront of new discoveries based on Renaissance and Baroque formulas researched through the National Gallery in London and scientific journals.

Private instruction may be available for up to two additional highly promising students who require preparation for acceptance to the painting program.

Adrian Gottlieb frequently paints alongside students, maintaining close interaction and allowing for a more spontaneous response to student needs. PAINTING THE FIGURE IN OILS is offered every Saturday from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. and runs for ten weeks. Four semesters are offered per year.

The Mechanics of Oil Painting: An Intensive, Interactive Materials Workshop is offered Sundays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and runs for 8 weeks.

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Instructors Adrian Gottlieb
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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Heather on Tuesday by Adrian Gottlieb

Heather's Reverie by Adrian Gottlieb

La Boheme by Adrian Gottlieb

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