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Website: http://www.oldmastersatelier.com

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2113 West 76 Street, Hialeah, Florida, United States

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Studio Director: Roza H. Radkiewicz
Academic Program / Art Director: Robert A. Rojas

"There is No Love without Art, There is No Art without Love"
by Roza Radkiewicz

For ongoing classes and open sessions please go to: www.oldmastersatelier.com/sessions__classes

For 2013-2014 intensive workshops please visit: www.oldmastersatelier.com/workshops

Please direct all your inquires to: oldmastersatelier@yahoo.com

Studio is located 10 minutes from Miami International Airport.

Old Masters Atelier began as a place for those who love beauty and the great traditions of drawing and painting. Our program continues as a vibrant community where students acquire the foundational skills necessary to become artists. The grand masters of art knew the secret to enduring success depends on not only inspiration, but also disciplined application of vast artistic knowledge. Today it is commonly assumed that the aesthetic principles established by the masters inhibit the artist's uniqueness or self-expression. However, fluency with tools and technical training liberate the artist to fully realize his unique vision. Atelier training features an apprenticeship-like course of study in which students receive intensive mentoring from an artist over a period of years.

Old Masters Atelier is committed to giving the student a secure foundation of knowledge upon which the artist could lay the building blocks of his or her artistic future. In an atelier program the artist gives each student new information only as he or she is able to apply it and theory is always linked to practice. The results represent the focus, determination, and skill of students who have put in long hours, held themselves to the highest standards, and set aside every distraction in order to master the basics of artistic expression. By so doing, the students ensure that their future works will be limited only by their imaginations.

Old Masters Atelier offers instructed private classes, uninstructed open sessions with life models, and instructed workshops with artist from all over the world.

Website http://www.oldmastersatelier.com
Email oldmastersatelier@yahoo.com
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
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Old Masters Atelier

2113 West 76 Street

Hialeah, Florida, 33016, United States


Portrait Drawing by Robert A Rojas

Drawing by Robert A Rojas

Life Model/Study by Robert A Rojas

Life Model/Study by Robert A Rojas

Figure in Motion by Robert Liberace

Old Masters Atelier

Figure Drawing

Vitae by Steven Perkins

The Storyteller by David Gray