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Explore the ARC database of articles which include scholarly works, editorials, and reviews, as well as historical letters, images of artists, Letters to ARC, and our foundational discussions, which are many of the original posts from the Good Art Group which led to the formation of the ARC.



Search ARC's collection of articles by alphabetically, by author, or by subject. Articles range from technical articles on how to create great art to discussions on individual artists. They are written by both contemporary writers as well as writers of the past.

Classical Realism Journal


The Classical Realism Quarterly and its successor Classical Realism Journal are dedicated to promoting and preserving the works of the Old Masters: their techniques, their accumulated knowledge, and their vital relevance to art today. These publications came into existence in response to the marginalization of traditional art by proponents of the modernism and avant-garde movements of the 20th century. They provide a platform to help ensure traditional or "classical" art not only survives but also thrives. A beacon of light in an art world grown dark.

Historical Letters


Search our archive of historical letters written by or to great artists of the past.

Foundational Discussions


Search our archives of postings from the GoodArt Group, which existed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This discussion group lead to the formation of the ARC and influenced its early development.

Letters to ARC


Here we have posted a selection of letters written to ARC, including thank you letters, some of our viewership’s personal stories and experiences, and others which touch on philosophical questions about fine art.




View a selection of testimonials by our ARC Approved SchoolsR, ARC Affiliated ArtistsR, ARC salon winners, gallery owners and more.

Images of Artists


Search our database for images of artists. This includes portraits and photographs.