Dominic Avant

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Dominic Avant

United States

Dominic Avant received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design. Upon completion, at RISD he worked as a freelance illustrator. He was then recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation and worked on numerous feature films. It was this creative community that introduced him to plein air painting.

He feels plein air painting and painting from life, in general, is an essential role in being a representational artist. His strong sense of light, vivid color, fluid brushwork is a direct result of his many hours invested in working through direct observation. Because of this investment, even his larger studio pieces and figurative works show his grounding in painting from life. His plein air works include smaller field studies to larger multi-session pieces.

Dominic is also recognized as an award-winning figurative painter. He has won numerous high honors in the Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait competitions, Best of Show at the OPA Eastern Regionals, Raymar Fine Art, The Artist magazine, International Artist magazine, and numerous other national awards.

Dominic’s work is a fusion of realism and impressionism. He strives to evoke in his viewers the same emotions that compel him to paint from the first brushstroke. Dominic is a faculty member at Ringling College of Art & Design and an established painter with works in collections throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.

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