Mario Javoran

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Mario Javoran



The well from which I draw my ideas and motivation in creative work has always been filled with literature and film.

I found my foundation in classical drawing.

In my work, I aim to walk the path of the familiar with one foot, while using the other to venture into the undiscovered realms of creative expression, traversing the bridge that connects conceptual art with classical drawing.

I strive to change the paradigm of fine art as a medium exclusively turned to aesthetics. Composition, line, texture, form ... are elements that I  use only as tools in the pursuit of storytelling.

In my work, drawing is at the service of an idea.

I build my drawing style by implementing various elements from painting and printmaking, but always remaining within the "holy trinity" of paper, pencil and eraser.

The topics I deal with are the result of my search for beauty and poetry in the dark realms of human history and psychology, often heavily influenced by the place where I come from. The Mediterranean, religion, spirituality and relationships between men and women are the motives I visit most.

Born 1994 in Zadar, Croatia. Graduated in 2018 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia.

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