Nathaniel Skousen

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Nathaniel Skousen

United States

Nathaniel Skousen was always attracted to art. Raised in a house that did not permit a television, and instead provided with many books, Nathaniel was keenly interested in the impressionists and Finnish realist oil painters. After graduating with a university level Art Degree he realized that much of his learning needed to be taking place in the studios of famous artists.

In 2015, after taking an academic class in understanding color theory, and comparing color charts he fabricated to famous museum artists like William Adolphe Bouguereau and John Singer Sargent, did his art mind awaken to how colors work in art.

He spent almost two years away from direct painting and instead studied color theory by mixing many custom colors to arrive at the ideas that the masters demonstrated in their works.

His artwork has been highlighted in Southwest Art Magazine and has won awards from the ARC Salon International Competition, Oil Painters of America, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, and the Waterhouse Gallery of Fine Art.

He spends as much time as he can painting, fishing, camping and backpacking with his wife and 5 kids. 

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