Juliana Limeira

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Juliana Limeira


Juliana Limeira was born in Brasilia, Brazil in 1978. Since she was little, Juliana was interested in fine arts and theater. At the age of 13 she attended drawing classes and at the age of 15 she won a drawing competition with a travel awards to the USA. To that age she used to travel to visit exhibitions and museums in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Juliana graduated in Visual Arts at University of Brasília in 2002. 

Her works in fine arts are drawings and oil paintings, landscapes, human figures, and scenes of life that express beauty. As a philosophy lover, Juliana Limeira searches for the meaning and the mystery of life through the arts, being inspired by the figurative and realistic art of many periods of art history, specially the classic, the renascent, the neoclassic and the impressionist.  

Since 2009, Juliana Limeira has been working to improve her skills in the USA by attending workshops of great figurative artists of our time such as Daniel Gerhartz, Jeremy Lipking, Scott Burdick, Quang Ho, Joseph McGurl, Scott Christensen, Frank Serrano, Mary Whyte, David Leffel, Nancy Guzik, Morgan Weistling, and others. 

The artist teaches drawing and painting in her studio in Brasilia.


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