Maria Luz Ferro

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Maria Luz Ferro


Luz Ferro is an emerging artist, now based in Lisbon who honed her drawing and painting skills at both the London Atelier of Representational Art and the Barcelona Academy of Art, graduating in 2020.  Born and raised in Canada within a Portuguese family, her work explores the dichotomy of growing up between two cultures as recalled through the distorting lens of myth and memory.

She feels that her training in naturalism realism is the best vehicle to impart a sense of ethereal to her figures and subject matter.  Contemporary mythological figures, such as the mime or angel, act as sentinels along the path of recall. The subjects represented in her paintings attempt to recreate a lost time or place, that no longer exists, except within memory. Her work tries to capture these images before they fade.

She has participated in group exhibitions in Canada and the UK, including the Edmonton Public Library fundraising appeal in 2007 as well as the 2016 Raynes Park Festival, London.  Apart from her work being in private collections in the UK and Canada, her most recent still life, Contos da Montanha, 2019, exhibited in XXXIII Sanvisens painting prize exhibition in Sitges, Barcelona, January 2020.   

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