David Molteni

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David Molteni

United States


Artist’s Statement 


“Although my subject matter is often very personal, I strive to find an open and universal narrative. I hope that the viewer will connect with my work on an emotional and personal level. Each viewer has something unique to bring to the work; their own interpretation derived from personal experience. Evoking that voice in the viewer is of great interest to me. In my mind, great art does that. It’s something I’m always aiming for in my work.”





2016  Gallery 1261 11th annual IGOR Exhibition, Denver Colorado 

2017  Nocturnes: From Dusk Till Dawn, Winfield Gallery, Carmel California 

2017  IGOR Winter Salon, Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona

2017  12th Annual International Guild of Realism Exhibition, Winfield Gallery, Carmel California 

2018  13th ARC Salon finalist.

2019  14th Annual International Guild of Realism Exhibition, Principal Gallery, Alexandria Virginia 

2019  14th ARC Salon finalist.

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