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Evgeniy Monahov

Russian Federation

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Evgeniy Monahov is a passionate Russian painter whose works have featured in prizes, exhibitions and collections in the USA, European Union, Russia and China. He sees his style as sitting at the intersection of realism and expressionism, and values the incompleteness and imperfection of impressionism; the hint of a masterpiece, the expectation of a miracle.

Pictures are bits of life - you don’t know what happened before, nor what would happen next. You can only see “the now” - a moment frozen in time, as if caught in amber.

Evgeniy Monahov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1974. In 2002 he graduated from Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute and entered into the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia and the International Federation of the Unions of Artists.

Selected exhibitions:

2005 - "Impressions of the South West", first solo exhibition at the Andreeva Gallery (Santa Fe, USA).
2012 - "Playing with light", solo exhibition at G8 Gallery (Moscow, Russia).
2013 - "Pieces of life", solo exhibition at G8 Gallery (Moscow, Russia).
2015 - "The Spanish Album" solo exhibition at Malaya Bronnaya, 32 (Moscow, Russia).
2016 - "Gralles Art Experience-2016" (Tarragona, Spain).
2017 - "ModPortrait-2016", museum of Pablo Serrano (Saragosa, Spain) and MEAM, Museu Europeu d'Art Modern (Barcelona, Spain).
2018 - "Spark - Expedition and Exhibition", Twilight Oak Gallery - Xichang, China.
2019 - "Figurativas-2019", MEAM, Museu Europeu d'Art Modern (Barcelona, Spain).
2020 - "ModPortrait-2019", virtual exhibition due covid-19 situation.

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