So Long as We Waken by Vanessa Lemen

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Vanessa Lemen

So Long as We Waken


50.8 x 40.64 x [*] cm | 20 x 16 in

Oil on panel

  • ARC Staff Awards ($100 Cash Award)

“One of eight paintings commissioned for the newly illustrated limited edition of 'The Left Hand Of Darkness' by Ursula K LeGuin (Easton Press/MBI, Inc 2018). The title is from the sentence found in chapter 14 which reads: “What does it matter what country wakens first, so long as we waken?”

“The figures in the painting are the two main characters in the book, and come from two completely different worlds. They endure quite an intense journey together, and gain a profound understanding and love for one another. Overall, their journey shows us that doing things for the benefit of the greater good happens on a personal level. That love and compassion can bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. And with strength, grit, and perseverance, love and compassion will prevail. This image is inspired by the way in which we see forms in clouds.” – Vanessa Lemen