Memories of Light by Milno Atelier

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Milno Atelier

Memories of Light


41.91 x 59.18 cm | 16 1/2 x 23 1/4 in


  • Chairman's Choice Awards ($300 Cash Award)

I’m not good at asserting my feelings or expressing myself in words, so for me, art is the one way I can express myself without feeling stressed. Also, for me, art isn’t just a way of expressing myself, but a form of communication that lets me put a smile onto the faces of all of the people I hold dear.

Even now after getting married and becoming a mother, I always feel a yet unknown part of myself slumbering within me.

Delicate and bold, reckless and timid. The most mysterious thing in the world to me is myself. I may spend my entire life searching for myself through art.

In this work, instead of drawing directly on paper with pencil, I put graphite powder on a makeup brush and patiently drew it using my own unique style. I really like that there isn’t the graphite shine you typically see in pencil drawings, and no matter which angle you look at it from, the texture is soft and smooth.