Samsara Series - Inner Worlds by Alejandro Rosemberg

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Alejandro Rosemberg

Samsara Series - Inner Worlds


45 x 50 cm | 17 1/2 x 19 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Collections Magazine Award
  • FWSD Award

This work belongs to my Samsara Series, in which the paintings have trompe l’oeil frames. By painting realism, we try to convince the viewers that the flat surfaces they are looking at, are indeed three dimensional. Painting this fake frame reinforces that idea by playing with the concept of illusion in a more direct way. 

Frames are sometimes understood as open windows which show us a special view, one that comes from the artists own world. In this case, the frame is an illusion, and as a magical window that doesn’t really exist. It shows us a world that can’t be looked at through a conventional window.

The painting is called “Inner Worlds” and suggests the idea of submerging ourselves into the depths of our unconsciousness as we would dive into a dark sea, into places where the sun’s light will never reach and where mysterious creatures inhabit.