Bridget by Sookyi Lee

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Sookyi Lee



45.72 x 60.96 x [*] cm | 18 x 24 in

Charcoal on paper

  • Haynes Galleries Award
  • Honorable Mention / Drawing

Bridget was a fellow student I met at a bus station by chance in San Francisco where I attended Academy of Art University . I was looking for a model who is not a professional but has a mask from which I can feel a variety of emotions. In this portrait, she is wearing a dark-colored gown with white flowers and a matching white scarf over her head. I tried to portray a calm, relaxing mood that can give the viewers comfort. The goal of my work is to seek, capture, understand and unleash the innate beauty that lies silently dormant within the human figure and in nature. Only then can I invite the viewer to pierce through their conventional perceptions and penetrate the beauty within all things.