Sapphire by Amaya Gurpide

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Amaya Gurpide



71.12 x 58.42 cm | 28 x 23 in

Graphite, black conte, gouache, white chalk

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($9,000)
  • Second Place ($1,000 Cash Award) / Drawing

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

"I'm completely captivated by nature. Working from life is one the most fascinating and rewarding experiences as an artist.

I work from models, usually people that I don't know but choose carefully based on the story I'd like to communicate through them. I'm always searching for a deeper truth and I need to spend quite a long time, sometimes months, knitting the necessary layers of both technical and emotional information to achieve a solid, tangible reality.

When I draw I think as a painter and prepare my papers with the right tone and tooth according to the results I'd like to achieve. I experiment with graphite, white and black chalk, gouache and charcoal, and use different kinds of brushes to create a painterly feeling. I approach them as painted drawings.

I met the model for Sapphire through an ad I posted looking for models. Her gaze was absolutely striking. I was enthralled by the power of her eyes. She had a rich, dark color that was hypnotizing, it reminded me of the depth of a black sapphire stone and I chose to use them as an element to carry the mood and narrative of the drawing." – AMAYA GURPRIDE