Voyage in G Minor by Olivera Pudar

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Olivera Pudar

Voyage in G Minor


90.17 x 67.31 cm | 35 1/2 x 26 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Collections Magazine Award

"This airport scene is a depiction of my husband as a modern nomad. I attempted to express his feelings of alienation, entrapment, and longing for a life that is more natural, beautiful and settled. I used the melancholy of greenish-blue tones, the somberness of architectural forms, and the ever-present cellphone man to create the setting. The birds on the left symbolize our dreams of moving to Florida and surrounding ourselves with wildlife. The birds are free to fly, the tower next to them indicating direction and purpose: ‘the way out.’ Airports are strange transit areas that can, like painting, heighten one’s insight into existential matters." - OLIVERA PUDAR