Sliver by Casey Childs

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Casey Childs



76.2 x 50.8 cm | 30 x 20 in

Oil on aluminum

  • MEAM Purchase Award

"My paintings seem to come together very organically, and this one was no exception. I met the girl who posed for Sliver when we were out to eat at a local restaurant where she was a waitress. She had beautiful, long, brown hair and looked just like a model from a Waterhouse painting. I approached her to sit for me, we scheduled a date, and when that day arrived, she showed up to my studio looking quite different. She had gone to a hair-styling college just days before where they chopped off her long brown hair and dyed what was left bright red! She was very embarrassed because she was not the personality type who would have such a bold hairstyle. I reassured her that it was fine and we would just see what happened. She still seemed uneasy the entire time and what resulted was this beautiful, yet awkwardly bold pose, adding charm to the finished painting and inspiring the title, Sliver." – CASEY CHILDS