Tribute to Luna: The Parisian Life by Randalf Dilla

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Randalf Dilla

Tribute to Luna: The Parisian Life


152.4 x 213.36 cm | 60 x 84 in

Oil on canvas

  • Dual Category Awards
  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award
  • PoetsArtists Publishing Prize

“This painting is my tribute to Juan Luna's artwork The Parisian Life. (You can see it in the left side of my work.) This is one of the most famous and controversial of Luna's artworks, not only because of the meaning of the work where you find three significant personas of the Philippine history, but also because of the purchase of this artwork at an auction for a high price by Government Service Insurance System. At that time this Government agency was not in a good situation. In my painting, I created an illusion, bringing you back in history, to the past, as you look at Luna's painting. The floating figures are the characters in Luna's painting and the tied male figure in the bottom symbolizes the Philippines in the Spanish Colonial period (1521 to 1898). Juan Luna is our national artist, he is a Filipino painter and was a revolutionary activist in the 1890's.” – RANDALF DILLA