Robert the Bruce by Benjamin Victor

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Benjamin Victor

Robert the Bruce

73.66 x 73.66 x 25.4 cm | 29 x 29 x 10 in


  • Arcadia Contemporary Award

The many virtues of the hero-king Robert Bruce are revived in my sculpture: courage and patience, strength and dignity, foresight and resolve. I envision him on the battlefield, mounted on horseback in the full regalia of war. He is on the front line, rousing the united Scottish army with words full of fate and fire. As his horse walks alongside the men, he speaks of liberation under the restored Scottish crown. He invokes the will of God, the memory of Scottish heroes, and the protection of Scottish saints. It is a moment of leadership and destiny. His speech concludes, and, with a grave demeanor and eyes burning with justice and wrath, he turns and readies his axe. The Highland wind descends like a blessing, rippling through the barding on the horse: these are the winds of change; this is the turn toward a new era of Scottish independence.