From My Roof by Carol Lee Thompson

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Carol Lee Thompson

From My Roof


15.24 x 30.48 cm | 6 x 12 in


  • Chairman's Choice Awards ($350 Cash Award)

“I am truly a country girl and must be surrounded by nature and animals. So, buying my first home in Baltimore was a difficult reality. I often felt trapped, but it was the best a young artist could do. My solace came from escaping to the roof. I was usually alone in a sea of slanted roof tops and protruding chimneys. I could see for miles across neighborhoods I’d known all my life and out to the Chesapeake Bay that I truly love. Even now, sunrise and sunset are still my favorite times of the day and often when I paint.

This was a particularly moving sunrise that best expressed the emotions of that spiritual escape. The dramatic light glistened on the tar-covered rooftops like sparkling jewels. I always knew I’d paint it as a sentimental reminder of how I got here.” – CAROL LEE THOMPSON