Art Nouveau Embrace by Sadie Valeri

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Sadie Valeri

Art Nouveau Embrace


50.8 x 66.68 cm | 20 x 26 1/4 in

Oil on panel

  • Honorable Mention / Still Life

“Still life cannot help but imply characters and narrative, and many of my still life paintings explore the themes of protection and shelter. In Art Nouveau Embrace, the central vessel stands like a queen with her subjects around her. However, instead of sheltering or hiding them, she is opening her embrace, presenting her subjects with joy.

In terms of technique, this painting is an exploration of a variety of surfaces including transparent, reflective, smooth and textured. A range of glazing and scumbling techniques enhances the contrast, including delicate impastos. The neutral subjects contrasted with richly colored subjects and the bold organization of light and shadow are designed to capture the eye and lead the viewer on a journey through the painting, which is an opportunity to admire the qualities of each subject in turn.” – SADIE VALERI