The Fall of Man by Phil Kidd

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Phil Kidd

The Fall of Man


35.56 x 58.42 cm | 14 x 23 in

Charcoal and white pastel

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Drawing

"The goal of this drawing was to give the viewer something vastly different from the classic Eden scenes of centuries past. This representation of The Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden recorded in Genesis was first meticulously photographed in a forest using a full frame camera with a few lights and soft boxes, the help of a few friends, and a live eight-foot python. The photograph was then printed to scale and divided into smaller sections to work from. This piece was created over a period of two years dedicating about 2,500 hours to the drawing. The mediums used were black charcoal and white pastel pencils. A grid and a compass divider were also utilized for the correct placement of the elements in the drawing in order to achieve the utmost accuracy.” – PHIL KIDD