Jairus' Daughter by Lauren Tilden

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Lauren Tilden

Jairus' Daughter


91.44 x 121.92 cm | 36 x 48 in

Oil on panel

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($12,000)
  • First Place ($2,500 Cash Award) / Figurative

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

"Having two daughters of my own, this story strikes a deep chord. The narrative comes from the Biblical account where Jairus' young daughter is miraculously raised to life by Jesus. This is the moment before the events unfold. There is grief, despair and yet a flicker of hope. At the time of creating this painting, I was influenced by Holbein’s use of symbolic elements. The flowers are Corn Flag from Israel, thought to be the "Lilies of the Valley" referred to in Matthew, where Jesus says, "Do not worry." There are other hidden elements in the painting.  A crown of thorn foreshadows a Heavenly Father who would grieve and another child who brought restoration.

I employed a variety of methods in creating this painting. The figure of the daughter utilizes a grisaille followed by glazing. The father is initially painted "alla prima" concluded with glazing. Having a profound enjoyment in painting the figure and drapery, this painting afforded me the opportunity to indulge myself in both." – LAUREN TILDEN