Breathe by Tina Spratt

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Tina Spratt



116.84 x 55.88 cm | 46 x 22 in

Oil on linen

  • Honorable Mention / Figurative

“The idea behind this painting was to depict a single figure amongst an abundance of fabric. I wanted to show the model in a very natural but insular pose and include the feeling of being in her own private space. In contrast, the tumbling fabrics are visually interesting but are also a metaphor for the emotions going on underneath the surface of the calm figure. I wanted to capture that feeling of introspection interlaced with the mystery of wondering who she is and what she’s thinking. I always enjoy exploring the different textures of the fabrics alongside each other and how they interact to compliment and support the figure. I also wanted to represent the natural lighting, which has the ability to freeze and preserve a moment in time. There is a quietness to this painting and you can almost hear her breathing; hence, the inspiration for the title.” —TINA SPRATT